Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mail call!!!!!

Hello Readers and crafters.

I have been wating for a package to come in the mail for the last week.  Today, when I saw the mail truck outside the house, I jumped up and ran to meet him at the sidewalk.  He handed me the package, I looked to see that it was mine, to find, it was for Taylor.... Something for his birthday from our friends in Kenora.  So, saddened, I returned inside.
I had decided to make cookies today because Taylor has been asking me to make some for a while now.  I hate to bake on warm days because it just heats up the house way to much (maybe I should bake like crazy this winter, and freeze it, so that there is some left for next summer).  I was still sitting in my chair in the livingroom, talking to Jason about what we were going to get done today, and I saw the mail lady drop off the mail.  Jason went to retrieve it to find a package for ME!
Yup Thats my package.  Want to see whats inside??  I can't hold back.  I am so excited about all the great things I got!!
Look at all this!  Can you believe it!  The lady who did this swap is wonderful!  She is a demo also, so it was great to work with her on this swap.  I have not been a big ribbom fan, but I have started to use it a bit more.  I think now you will see me use it in workshops too!  And DSP!!!  I LOVE DSP!!!

16 Different packages of DSP!  Yup, that's a lot of DSP!  There is one sheet of each of the 16 DSP packages!  I have so many ideas with some of this paper, others are going to be a challange, but I am up for the challange.


Look at the ribbon!  I can't believe how much I ended up with.  The colours are great.  Three different types of ribbon to play with! And yards and yards of it!!!

Great brads to play with. So many ideas coming to me.  So much I want to make.  I guess I better put in a paper order soon!

This was my excitment for today, what was yours?!

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