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Mega 2011-2012 Accessories Swap

MEGA 2011-2012 Accessories Swap

I would like to extend an invitation to you to join in on a mega swap that I am doing. I know for me I would like to sample all of the paper, ribbons, fibers, brads and eyelets that Stampin' Up! has to offer before I really buy all of them. That way I can see what I like first. With that I have set up different groups for the accessories available. How this swap works is that you would buy one item in the groups of your choice. I will collect all of the spools of ribbon and other accessories from everyone and then split it up between everyone **please see disclaimer below**. After all that is done, you will have a sample of all the ribbons or other accessories that Stampin' Up! carries. Like I said, it is a great chance to see and play with all the different styles and colors that Stampin' Up! offers and then you can decide if you want a full pack of a certain type. I have done this for a 5 years now and just love getting some of everything for the price of just one per group.

Add'l Info: Please make note of a few things. As a demonstrator, you may either mail me your accessories, send it as a customer direct order or I can now place the order for you giving you your 20% discount. I have checked the rules with SU and that is now allowable for me to make the order for you. Make note that you may place your own order and have sales credit for yourself. I am only doing the swapping. I do not want to take credit from your own stuff away from you, unless you don’t care one way or the other and it’s just easier for you to have me order it. ***Also make note that you can include your own customers as well. Just let me know what spot they want and then when you place your order, you can order their items as well. If you are a customer, once you choose what items you want, you will need to get an order placed for you with your demonstrator. You then can ship it yourself to me, or have it shipped with your demonstrator's items too. If you do not have a demonstrator, I can help you out. If you are not local, I do ask that you also send either a SASE or $5.50-$10.95 (dependant if I can’t fit it in the flat rate envelope) for priority mail so I can ship your items back to you. I do accept either check or Paypal (no credit cards unless through Paypal, please). If you pay through Paypal though, I would like to request that you please send an extra $1.00 to cover the fees from Paypal.

Ribbon: All the ribbons I will include on the swap. The ribbons (for me anyway) is one of my favorite parts of the swap. I know that we can purchase a sampler for $14.95. However, we only get a small 6” of ribbon in the sampler. If you sign up for a group you will get at least 2/3 yds of ribbon if not more depending on the groups. Makes for the chance to actually use and play with your ribbons and also allow your customers get a sampler of the ribbons. Yes some of the ribbons are older (like the ¼” Grosgrain), but I always like to play with mine and I run out of my sampler ribbons, so like to keep them all in the swaps. Also, new colors are always added every year, so it allows the option to get the new colors and use up the older colors.

Older Accessories, Fabrics and Designer Series Papers: I am going to include ALL accessories, fabrics and papers I can this round. Some people are new, some are old, some just want to see them again. So they are now included. Which will make this a big list – 21 Different groups. So feel free to sign up for what you want.

I am taking sign-ups until July 20th or till it’s full. For those who would be ordering with me, I will need to get your money and/or order for everything by the 25th of July so that I can order the accessories needed and swap it out. I ask that all the accessories ordered by demonstrators be here by the 1st of August. I would recommend that you sign up ASAP for a spot if you want it so I can get you on the list. It will fill up and once a group is full, you will miss out if you want to be in that group. If there is enough demand for a particular group, I will open another round for that one.

Make note - I have groups where they may look full, but if there is interest I WILL open another group. Just say the word and what group you want and I'll open it up.

Here's what I am going to do with those groups that just may not completely fill up. THOUGH I WOULD STILL LIKE TO GET THEM FILLED UP!

I think what I am going to do is divide out between all players in each group. Then I am also considering making sure to send y'all a little bit from the group that I am in as well. So you at least get to say you have a sampler of everything. So like, I'll make sure you at least get one or two of the brads from each of the other groups as well as a split of what you and the other people in that group will get. Make sense? So, I would say to go ahead and send it in if you want to make sure to get that sampler, and you'll have a split of others in that group too.

I will open more groups as interest arises.

Sign up deadline: July 20th or until full
Due Date: August 1st

Hostess: Laura Hill – 7510 Champion Coach; San Antonio, TX 78254 – email Scrappinhill77@yahoo.com

Here is the list of groups and what you get in that group. (Please note that these prices do not include shipping and tax. That will be calculated as orders are collected.)

Group 1 – ¼” Grosgrain Ribbon – Buy one spool at $4.95; get 3/4 yds back.
1. Bashful Blue – Julie Schlegel
2. Basic Black – Tara Gupta
3. Certainly Celery – Robyn Stahls
4. Daffodil Delight – Justine Phoenix
5. Early Espresso – Debbie Kittle
6. Garden Green – Cynthia W
7. Marina Mist – Diane Sellers
8. Night of Navy – Laura
9. Old Olive –
10. Pretty In Pink – Laura
11. Pumpkin Pie –
12. Real Red – Judy Fetters
13. Rich Razzleberry – Kristy Feragne
14. Rose Red – Andi Potler
15. Tempting Turquoise – Pam Steckman
16. Very Vanilla – Laura
17. Whisper White – Andi Potler

Group 2 – ½” Scallop Dots Ribbon – Buy one package at $7.95 get back 1 yd back.
1. Basic Black – Laura
2. Cherry Cobbler – Elaine Uhl
3. Chocolate Chip – Diane Sellers
4. Elegant Eggplant – Amy Perry
5. Marina Mist – Ann Olson
6. Melon Mambo – Debbie Kittle
7. More Mustard – Tara Gupta
8. Old Olive – Andi Potler
9. Pretty In Pink – Judy Fetters
10. Tangerine Tango – Pam Steckman

1. Basic Black – Julie Schlegel
2. Cherry Cobbler – Lori-Ann Ball
3. Chocolate Chip – Natalie Smith
4. Elegant Eggplant – Allison Filella
5. Marina Mist – Jennifer Seaver
6. Melon Mambo – Cynthia W
7. More Mustard – Debra Booe
8. Old Olive – Debra Booe
9. Pretty In Pink – Kristy Feragne
10. Tangerine Tango – Kelly Felo

1. Basic Black – Kathy Zito
2. Cherry Cobbler –
3. Chocolate Chip –
4. Elegant Eggplant –
5. Marina Mist –
6. Melon Mambo –
7. More Mustard –
8. Old Olive –
9. Pretty In Pink – Jen VanMeer
10. Tangerine Tango – Laura

Group 4 – 5/8” Satin Ribbon – Buy one spool at $8.95 get 1-1/2 yds back.
1. Bashful Blue – Diane Sellers
2. Basic Black – Laura
3. Basic Gray – Ann Olson
4. Certainly Celery – Amy Perry
5. Chocolate Chip – Julie Schlegel
6. Old Olive – Kim Gustin
7. Pretty In Pink – Andi Potler
8. Real Red – Kristi Feragne
9. Very Vanilla – Kim Gustin
10. Whisper White – Judy Fetters

1. Bashful Blue – Cynthia W
2. Basic Black – Laura
3. Basic Gray – Pam Steckman
4. Certainly Celery –
5. Chocolate Chip –
6. Old Olive – Kathy Zito
7. Pretty In Pink –
8. Real Red –
9. Very Vanilla –
10. Whisper White –

Group 7 – ½” Stitched-Poly Ribbon – Buy one spool at $8.95, get 3 yds back.
1. Blushing Bride – Justine Phoenix
2. Peach Parfait – Debbie Kittle
3. Poppy Parade – Andi Potler
4. Concord Crush – Ann Olson
5. Pear Pizzazz – Judy Fetters

1. Blushing Bride – Julie Schlegel
2. Peach Parfait – Laura
3. Poppy Parade – Cynthia W
4. Concord Crush – Amy Perry
5. Pear Pizzazz –

Group 12 – Brads – Buy one package at $6.95, get an even split between 7 people.
1. Gold – Julie Schlegel
2. Silver – Laura
3. Metallic – Andi Potler
4. Brights – Ann Olson
5. Subtles – Carlyn Ray
6. Regals – Judy Fetters
7. Neutrals – Jennifer Seaver

1. Gold –
2. Silver –
3. Metallic –
4. Brights –
5. Subtles – Teresa Ryals
6. Regals – Laura
7. Neutrals – Pam Steckman

Group 15 – Assorted Brads – Buy one package at $5.50-$7.95, get an even split between 4 people.
1. Silver Mini Brads - Carlyn Ray
2. Designer Brads - Julie Schlegel
3. 5/16” Neutral Jumbo Brads -
4. 5/8” Neutral Jumbo Brads - Judy Fetters

Group 16 – Rhinestone Brads - Buy one package at $10.95, get an even split between 4 people.
1. Clear - Carlyn Ray
2. Circle Fire - Andi Potler
3. Circle Ice - Julie Schlegel
4. Square Fire - Lori-Ann Ball

1. Clear - Tamara Carroll
2. Circle Fire - Laura
3. Circle Ice -
4. Square Fire -

Group 17 – Assorted Accessories 1 – Buy one package at $2.95-$5.95, get an even split between 4 people.

1. Designer Brads Flower - Amy Perry
2. Designer Brads Filigree - Debbie Kittle
3. Antique Brads - Carlyn Ray
4. Mini Clothespins - Laura

1. Designer Brads Flower - Julie Schlegel
2. Designer Brads Filigree - Lori-Ann Ball
3. Antique Brads - Judy Fetters
4. Mini Clothespins - Ann Olson

1. Designer Brads Flower - Kathleen Holleran
2. Designer Brads Filigree -
3. Antique Brads - Cynthia W
4. Mini Clothespins - Pam Steckman

Group 21 – Designer Series Paper – Buy one package at $12.95-$10.95, get a 4x4 square back.
1. Flirtatious Specialty - Justine Phoenix
2. Mocha Morning Specialty - Julie Schlegel
3. First Edition Specialty -
4. Paisley Petals - Judy Fetters
5. Beau Chateau - Diane Sellers
6. Pocketful of Posies - Debra Booe
7. Domestic Goddess - Kathleen Holleran
8. Just Add Cake -
9. Frightful Sight -
10. Timeless Portrait -
11. Berry Blossoms - Jen VanMeer
12. Beyond the Garden -
13. Well Worn - Kathleen Holleran
14. Nursery Nest – Debra Booe
15. Letters to Santa - Laura
16. Big Top Birthday - Laura

Let me know what you think. If you would like a spot, I can get it for you!

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