Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yup you read that right.  I have been creeping!  Websites that is!
I have been looking for some inspiration.  Stampin' Up! has a wonderful website for demo's where we can share our ideas with others.  It is great because when I go there, I know that the quality of work will be so wonderful!
I thought I would share with you a few of the new ideas I have seen out there.  Check these out!

Are these not the cutest things you have ever seen!!  I so want to learn how to make these.  The Gerber Daisy is my favorite flower in the world.  I plan to order the die cut for this one!

So I have looked at the New Doilies Sets, and the very first thing that came to mine, was, " I think my mom has crochet something like that."  Then came the thought of, would I put one of my mom's doilies on a card.... ah no!.... But then I cam across this card.  I love the textured Taken with Teal base for this card.  The Doily done in the Whisper White is just to die for!  So.... Maybe this is something I will have to get.
Well its hot, and I am sure we are all looking for ways to cool off.  I know we are!  It is hard to think about stamping when it is just so warm.
I cam across this cutie when I was creeping.  Now, I have seen the large Popsicle done, but this is just cool!  I think I want to try a few of these ones on for size!

How could we forget Handy Manny!  Not in this house.  Isaiah just loves the tools.  When I saw this I thought for sure I had to make them for him.  What a great way to show him playing with all the tools he has.  He often walks around the house banging things with Pat (the hammer).
I think the only thing better then Handy Manny is what you will see next!

These adorable treat boxes are made by Lynn Pratt. She has some wonderful ideas on her blog.  She loves to share them with us.  You can order very easy to follow tutorials from her.  She always
has new ideas to share.  I have purchaced a few of her tutorials in the past, and wouldn't think twice about getting in touch with her again to find more.

I think Isaiah would love these little boxes.  I am sure he would play with them as he does his dinky cars.
I hope to make a few of these for his birthday.  Wouldn't they make great gift boxes?

Well I should be off to dream land... it is 02:29... So much for an early bed time! LOL


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