Saturday, February 19, 2011

More MDS

I haven't been getting to my cards as much as I would like to.  Lots of family things going on.  So with the events happening in Winnipeg with my sisters, I decided to make a scrapbook for my niece and nephew.
I did my niece's first.  It was a bit easier to do.  My niece just loves the camera.  She is a bit of a camera hog! lol
Making my nephews was more of a challenge.  Besides his age, I personally don't have many pictures of him.  I am sorry to say that I don't know my nephew well.
So on that note, lets see what I did!

I did this one and my nephews with the designer  in MDS.  I have found that when I am not sure what to do with things, the designer will give you great ideas.
Here is my nephews.

Well I hope you like these.  I hope to print them and send them to the kids.  I just can't decide if I want to add more to them or not!!

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